Dance / Theater


Contemporary dance training The aim is to find the balance between tension and relaxation, to be aware of it and to recognize it in movement. It focuses on strength, flexibility, swing, bringing the body in contact with the floor and styralicing the movements and positions with clear directions and lines. At the same time, we will be working an the mobility of the body through circular und spiral movements . This class demand high level of concentration und coordination.

Ballet training we will stay aware of the breath, and the three-dimensional perception of the body. We will focus on spiral torsion and extension of the movements, and search for balance by using the floors resistance and the proper reorganization of the different body parts.The class will give you space to develop your own potential, help to free yourself from unnecessary habits, and offer the possibility to apply the principles of your own movement practice. You are also invited to explore and integrate in the ballet training your particular concerns about dance or movement in general.The training is structured on the technique and musicality of ballet, performed with the freedom and mobility of contemporary dance.



Children Take your dices, come together to the boar and dance ! Welcome to 3D twister game, in this class the children the will develop their physical qualities, (flexibility, strength and mobility ) by playing games base in chances operation and emerging dramaturgy. At the same time they will get aware of the spaces around then, the rhythm of the music,  Group dynamics/ Interaction. Creativity and technique play together in the dance floor, They will be doing free Improvisation and fixed choreographic movement with the principal of Moderndance, The beauty of ballet and the Flow from Hiphop on the “Stages” !!!


Adults forget your telephone , make the first move and dance ! let's dance and find the balance between tension and relaxation by concentrating on the body. The training focuses on, coordination, strength, flexibility and swing, bringing also the body in contact with the floor and styralicing the movements and positions with clear directions and lines. all what you need for everyday life and Work .Movement creation base on a chances operation method with the principal of yoga, the movilitie of martial arts and the creativity of Dance.